Lessons Learned, India Edition.

This trip to India has been very interesting thus far (and I have 8 more days to go).  I’ve had some productive meetings, started writing some new music, and really had a chance to think very clearly about where I am in life right now as well as a few things that I need to do that have been neglected.  It’s not always easy to see clearly when you are at home in the thick of things.  There are times when the only way you truly can see things as they are is to get away from everything that is going on in you life for a moment and see things with a different set of eyes.  I know that I’ve said that before in this blog, but it’s worth saying again because it’s the truth.  I’m very excited to put into practice all that I’m learning during this most recent trip to India.  I’ve always enjoyed learning about other cultures especially when it can be 1st hand learning, as this can really help a person to understand more about who they are and how to have a greater level of understanding as well as compassion for their fellow man.

I’ve learned several lesson thus far (and was reminded of a few others from my trip here last year).  I was reminded how truly spoiled so many people back home are and how we take so many things for granted that would be considered luxuries here in India.  So many people seemed to be programmed that having more means having a better life, and that is so far from the truth.  I’m watching how so many of the advertisements here in India are driving people to believe that having more is best and that you’re not living unless you are living in luxury (sounds familiar USA???).  But I’m also seeing how people value friendships and family, something that I truly believe is taken for granted back home in many circles.  Life is very precious and I’m seeing so many people here that may not be full of stuff but they are most definitely full of life.

There’s many things that I can share about this trip, and perhaps I will at some point soon.


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Tuesday evening I was on the phone with a friend of mine and I was talking to him about a mutual love and career path, music.  I commented on my non-music work that I do and said to him it would be nice to be more involved with music on the day to day basis be it more performing or more teaching and he bought something to my attention that I’ve said numerous times to my students and some of the younger local musicians in the area about music being just as much about the non-music life that I live as it is being in the music “full-time”.  Although I knew what he was saying was right, it brought a different perspective on how I viewed myself as a musician that I hadn’t really considered because in a sense, I was taking the fact that I don’t work in music “full-time” (anymore) for granted when in fact a lot of the non-music things I’ve dealt with over the past several years have fueled the music I’ve written and performed.

It’s always interesting how at times in life all it takes is a different perspective (often from someone on the outside looking in) on what we are seeking to show us that we aren’t always as far off as we think we are.  So before shutting someone else’s idea or viewpoints down, it may very well be worth looking into to see if there’s something that you are missing out on.  A fresh perspective doesn’t necessarily mean a change or brand new direction in your life (although it can lead to that as well) but it can revitalize what was once perceived to be a boring journey into an exciting adventure.  Remember, a persons reality often times is shaped more by perception and deception than it is by truth and objectivity.  A persons reality is what will determine if they will achieve their dreams and goals or if they will just wallow in the idea of them.

So if you find yourself thinking woe is me, I can’t do this, then maybe it’s time for a new perspective on what you want in life as well as where you are in life.



The 2nd Chance

As I think about today being inauguration day for President Obama I find myself thinking about 2nd chances. Specifically that a 2nd chance isn’t always about what you didn’t get right the 1st time (although I was thinking about that as well) as much as what would you do differently if given the opportunity to do so. I am thinking about this for a variety of reasons. Some these reasons include:
– Watching people I love go through stuff that I can’t change but seeing them get another opportunity to live a great life

– Thinking about the fact that if you get to live to tomorrow you have a fresh opportunity to improve on yesterday if you choose to.

– Remembering that sometimes I am far too lenient with people who constantly disappointed me but have been given many chances.

– Thinking about the 1 person in my life that truly got me more than anyone else (except my mother) who is no longer living that could have had another chance if only they wouldn’t have exalted their pride above their humility.

-Seeing how in this digital world we live in some people have to create a lie online in order to feel secure in the truth of who the really are that no one else wants to accept.

– And lastly (for this post at least), thinking about those whose lives have been torn apart by the deaths of their children and the internet/corporate pundits that would have the attention shifted to their personal, political, or financial agenda instead of helping those who are truly in need.

Fact is everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs a another chance be it to right a wrong or improve upon what they’ve already done. There’s not a single person on this planet that is perfect and it would do us all good to remember that especially when we are looking in the mirror questioning someone else getting another chance in life.

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As I sit here getting ready to eat breakfast I find myself thinking about the course of my life thus far and the people that have come in and out of my life. Some people are only in our lives for a moment, others for a season, and others for a lifetime. Another way of saying this is every person that comes into your life isn’t meant to stay in your life and those that do stay in our life shouldn’t have the same level of access to you. Access is something people need to qualify for. And just like the time people spend in your life there should be levels of access. For me there are 3: Acquaintance, Friend, Family.

That’s just another way to say you how close you are to my heart. People can hurt you in life sometimes but regardless of this fact you still need to forgive and be able to move forward. Hurt feelings doesn’t mean a loss of access in some cases. The point if my morning rambling here is to say that access to you, no matter what the level is a gift and privilege that you give to others and not what they choose to take for themselves. So be careful who and how much access you give others to you.

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Today is the first day of 2013 and many people around the world have made “new years resolutions” but I’d like to challenge anyone that has done so this year.  People make new years resolutions every year and many of these resolutions go by the way side, never to be fulfilled and almost sure to be forgotten.  So instead of making a new years resolution this year, why not convert your dreams into a set of goals for yourself and make the appropriate plans to achieve those dreams and goals?  I mean Herm Edwards said it best, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  Anytime you wish for something that you truly want in life then you are letting external circumstances determine if you are going to receive that which you are looking for in life.  While there’s nothing wrong with wishing, it’s even better to set a goal, make a plan and achieve it.

The thing about going after your dreams and goals is that even if you don’t make it with your first plan you’ll have no regrets about it because you went after it and if it’s something that you truly want in life, then you’ll go after it again learning from the mistakes or missteps the first time around because your dreams and goals are worth having and worth achieving.  So as you are starting this new year what is it that you really want to accomplish?  What dreams and goals have your resolved yourself to planning for so that you can achieve them?


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I’m Back….and with No Regrets

I stopped writing regularly in my blog because I didn’t start this blog as a place to complain about certain issues and when I saw that the direction of this blog was going there I knew I needed to take a break for a while, but now I’m back looking forward to writing more again.  This has been a really interesting year for me and it’s only getting more interesting with the last few days of 2012 coming to a close.  The one thing about opportunity is that if you don’t seize it when it’s available, you may find that it doesn’t become available again.  You are never guaranteed anything when it comes to your dreams, but if you seize every chance you have to go after your dreams the one thing that you won’t have is regret.

Regret is one of the most powerful dream killers in life because regret keeps you focused on what you could have had at one point in time instead of letting you see that it’s still possible to achieve that which you desire.  I can tell you this, I have something popping up for me right now that if I don’t try and grab it, I’ll definitely regret not trying.  The thing is, even if I don’t get it, I’ll be completely happy because I know that I went out there and tried for it and will have no regrets either way.  This seems to be one of the biggest lessons from 2012 that I’m carrying through to 2013, continue to do what I must and take whatever chances I feel are necessary in my pursuits so that I can live life with no more regrets.

I hope that you will be doing the same.


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The Little Things

Yesterday evening I had a sales person come to my home to try and sell me a service that I was interested in at one point in the past but it didn’t quite workout for me.  So last night as she was trying to convince me to leave her competitor in favor of her company I found myself a little resistant and hesitant to wanting to make this change even though it made complete sense for what I was being offered as well as the price of the service.  Ultimately, I decided to humor the sales person and talk with her more about it and by the end of the pitch agreed to buy the product.  I found myself curiously thinking about why I was so hesitant about something that I’ve previously wanted and something that financially was a better deal and came to a conclusion that really isn’t all that shocking but definitely eye opening to see it in myself.

There are some little things in my life that I really have been hesitant to change for no real reason at all and as much as people are always looking to make an earth shattering change in their life, it’s really the little changes that you make day in and day out that cause the Earth shattering changes that most people are looking for.  Such a small change as in choosing a competitive service that is a better dollar value and a better product overall for me has sparked something much larger, and if you are really paying attention to your life, you’ll find that it’s the little changes that you do that truly make all the difference in your present circumstances and future successes.

Now I know for some people this may seem like something silly or elementary, it really isn’t as it’s so often overlooked.  It follows one of my favorite sayings, “If you want to hide something precious, hide it in plain sight where no one will look for it.”  So what little things in your life are you overlooking?  What small, insignificant change are you not making that will lead to that Earth shattering, life altering major change that you’ve been looking for?


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