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Keep Your Eyes On Your Prize!

Notice I didn’t title this Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, I purposely said Keep Your Eyes On Your Prize!  When you put your eyes on someone else’s prize, someone else who is in a place of achievement that you strive to be in,  you can potentially cause yourself to lose track of your own prize as you now start to fall into two places that you shouldn’t have fallen into at all; discouragement and distraction. 

It is through Discouragement and Distraction that you tend to lose the determination, courage, and focus that you had when you started pursuing a goal.  Discouragement and Distraction can be used as tools by people who don’t want to see you achieve your goals for whatever reasons, or more commonly, used by you as to why you should just quit when the path to your goals starts to seem hard and unachievable.  I know this because I’ve lived through it.  These two obstacles in your path of goal achievement usually stem from a particular mindset that is best articulated in the following quote:

“Some people would rather live in a known hell than explore an unknown heaven.” –Les Brown.

When your eyes are kept on the prize it’s hard for you to get moved from your goal.  Stephen R. Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says it best in one of his 7 habits, “Begin with the end in mind.”  This is not to say that you will never get discouraged or distracted but if you follow this advice, it’s hard to remain discouraged or distracted when you have the end result in mind that you want to achieve, a result that once fulfilled will be a wonderful accomplishment and blueprint for achieving more goals in your life.   

 It is always good to look at the journey of others for inspiration as well as to encourage them on their way to achieving their goals and attaining their prize.  But examining the journey is different from looking at their prize, so as I said when I started this post, Keep Your Eyes On Your Prize and don’t stop until you have it in your hand!


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