Happy New Year!!!

2017 is here!  The end of 2016 saw my attempts at regular writing in this blog get halted by the loss of my eldest brother Bruce Michael James Sr.  His death was unexpected and had a major impact on me but now I can assuredly say that I’m ready to get back into writing again.  So for 2017 I am going to try to commit to writing at least 1 blog post per week (not including this one) and I hope that you will not only read them, but comment and have dialogue as we tackle some interesting and (for some people) controversial topics.  I write in this blog because it’s my way of commenting on what I see going on in the world and expressing my viewpoint on it as well as to encourage positive dialogue on issues.  Positive dialogue doesn’t mean that we will always agree.  It does mean that agreement or not we will be respectful of one another and learn (if you don’t know how to already) how to agree to disagree when necessary.

So here’s to a great and challenging 2017 everyone.  I look forward to where we will all go and what we will all achieve.  The first post will be out later today and it will be on Free Speech, Hate Speech, & Intolerance.





  1. #1 by Cherie on January 6, 2017 - 8:56 am

    I’ll be checking in to read and perhaps comment. Happy New Year!

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