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The Myth of the Overnight Success

I get consistently amazed at the idea of someone being an overnight success.  There is no such thing.  Just because a person’s success is new to you doesn’t mean that there wasn’t A LOT OF WORK THAT WENT INTO IT!  Any true success in life be it personal or otherwise comes with a lot of work.  I’ve done a lot of thinking about this as of late because when I think of some of the things that some of my students have said to me, or some of the things that I’ve seen at work with people, the myth of someone being an overnight success is exactly that, a myth.  It takes learning, practicing, applying knowledge, principles, and techniques to become proficient and successful in any endeavor.

Just because some “pop star” or “actor” gets into the spotlight and gains more notoriety; just because you hear about a new “start up” company that’s now very popular and making a lot of money doesn’t mean that they just got here or haven’t been working at it to get where they are.  Success is such a subjective term as it is, that there truly isn’t 1 universal definition that can apply to all people and all endeavors.  Just know that no matter what your definition of success truly is, it will require some effort and work on your part for you to reach a place of success.


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