Lessons Learned, India Edition.

This trip to India has been very interesting thus far (and I have 8 more days to go).  I’ve had some productive meetings, started writing some new music, and really had a chance to think very clearly about where I am in life right now as well as a few things that I need to do that have been neglected.  It’s not always easy to see clearly when you are at home in the thick of things.  There are times when the only way you truly can see things as they are is to get away from everything that is going on in you life for a moment and see things with a different set of eyes.  I know that I’ve said that before in this blog, but it’s worth saying again because it’s the truth.  I’m very excited to put into practice all that I’m learning during this most recent trip to India.  I’ve always enjoyed learning about other cultures especially when it can be 1st hand learning, as this can really help a person to understand more about who they are and how to have a greater level of understanding as well as compassion for their fellow man.

I’ve learned several lesson thus far (and was reminded of a few others from my trip here last year).  I was reminded how truly spoiled so many people back home are and how we take so many things for granted that would be considered luxuries here in India.  So many people seemed to be programmed that having more means having a better life, and that is so far from the truth.  I’m watching how so many of the advertisements here in India are driving people to believe that having more is best and that you’re not living unless you are living in luxury (sounds familiar USA???).  But I’m also seeing how people value friendships and family, something that I truly believe is taken for granted back home in many circles.  Life is very precious and I’m seeing so many people here that may not be full of stuff but they are most definitely full of life.

There’s many things that I can share about this trip, and perhaps I will at some point soon.

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