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Tuesday evening I was on the phone with a friend of mine and I was talking to him about a mutual love and career path, music.  I commented on my non-music work that I do and said to him it would be nice to be more involved with music on the day to day basis be it more performing or more teaching and he bought something to my attention that I’ve said numerous times to my students and some of the younger local musicians in the area about music being just as much about the non-music life that I live as it is being in the music “full-time”.  Although I knew what he was saying was right, it brought a different perspective on how I viewed myself as a musician that I hadn’t really considered because in a sense, I was taking the fact that I don’t work in music “full-time” (anymore) for granted when in fact a lot of the non-music things I’ve dealt with over the past several years have fueled the music I’ve written and performed.

It’s always interesting how at times in life all it takes is a different perspective (often from someone on the outside looking in) on what we are seeking to show us that we aren’t always as far off as we think we are.  So before shutting someone else’s idea or viewpoints down, it may very well be worth looking into to see if there’s something that you are missing out on.  A fresh perspective doesn’t necessarily mean a change or brand new direction in your life (although it can lead to that as well) but it can revitalize what was once perceived to be a boring journey into an exciting adventure.  Remember, a persons reality often times is shaped more by perception and deception than it is by truth and objectivity.  A persons reality is what will determine if they will achieve their dreams and goals or if they will just wallow in the idea of them.

So if you find yourself thinking woe is me, I can’t do this, then maybe it’s time for a new perspective on what you want in life as well as where you are in life.