The 2nd Chance

As I think about today being inauguration day for President Obama I find myself thinking about 2nd chances. Specifically that a 2nd chance isn’t always about what you didn’t get right the 1st time (although I was thinking about that as well) as much as what would you do differently if given the opportunity to do so. I am thinking about this for a variety of reasons. Some these reasons include:
– Watching people I love go through stuff that I can’t change but seeing them get another opportunity to live a great life

– Thinking about the fact that if you get to live to tomorrow you have a fresh opportunity to improve on yesterday if you choose to.

– Remembering that sometimes I am far too lenient with people who constantly disappointed me but have been given many chances.

– Thinking about the 1 person in my life that truly got me more than anyone else (except my mother) who is no longer living that could have had another chance if only they wouldn’t have exalted their pride above their humility.

-Seeing how in this digital world we live in some people have to create a lie online in order to feel secure in the truth of who the really are that no one else wants to accept.

– And lastly (for this post at least), thinking about those whose lives have been torn apart by the deaths of their children and the internet/corporate pundits that would have the attention shifted to their personal, political, or financial agenda instead of helping those who are truly in need.

Fact is everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs a another chance be it to right a wrong or improve upon what they’ve already done. There’s not a single person on this planet that is perfect and it would do us all good to remember that especially when we are looking in the mirror questioning someone else getting another chance in life.

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