As I sit here getting ready to eat breakfast I find myself thinking about the course of my life thus far and the people that have come in and out of my life. Some people are only in our lives for a moment, others for a season, and others for a lifetime. Another way of saying this is every person that comes into your life isn’t meant to stay in your life and those that do stay in our life shouldn’t have the same level of access to you. Access is something people need to qualify for. And just like the time people spend in your life there should be levels of access. For me there are 3: Acquaintance, Friend, Family.

That’s just another way to say you how close you are to my heart. People can hurt you in life sometimes but regardless of this fact you still need to forgive and be able to move forward. Hurt feelings doesn’t mean a loss of access in some cases. The point if my morning rambling here is to say that access to you, no matter what the level is a gift and privilege that you give to others and not what they choose to take for themselves. So be careful who and how much access you give others to you.

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