Today is the first day of 2013 and many people around the world have made “new years resolutions” but I’d like to challenge anyone that has done so this year.  People make new years resolutions every year and many of these resolutions go by the way side, never to be fulfilled and almost sure to be forgotten.  So instead of making a new years resolution this year, why not convert your dreams into a set of goals for yourself and make the appropriate plans to achieve those dreams and goals?  I mean Herm Edwards said it best, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  Anytime you wish for something that you truly want in life then you are letting external circumstances determine if you are going to receive that which you are looking for in life.  While there’s nothing wrong with wishing, it’s even better to set a goal, make a plan and achieve it.

The thing about going after your dreams and goals is that even if you don’t make it with your first plan you’ll have no regrets about it because you went after it and if it’s something that you truly want in life, then you’ll go after it again learning from the mistakes or missteps the first time around because your dreams and goals are worth having and worth achieving.  So as you are starting this new year what is it that you really want to accomplish?  What dreams and goals have your resolved yourself to planning for so that you can achieve them?


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