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The Little Things

Yesterday evening I had a sales person come to my home to try and sell me a service that I was interested in at one point in the past but it didn’t quite workout for me.  So last night as she was trying to convince me to leave her competitor in favor of her company I found myself a little resistant and hesitant to wanting to make this change even though it made complete sense for what I was being offered as well as the price of the service.  Ultimately, I decided to humor the sales person and talk with her more about it and by the end of the pitch agreed to buy the product.  I found myself curiously thinking about why I was so hesitant about something that I’ve previously wanted and something that financially was a better deal and came to a conclusion that really isn’t all that shocking but definitely eye opening to see it in myself.

There are some little things in my life that I really have been hesitant to change for no real reason at all and as much as people are always looking to make an earth shattering change in their life, it’s really the little changes that you make day in and day out that cause the Earth shattering changes that most people are looking for.  Such a small change as in choosing a competitive service that is a better dollar value and a better product overall for me has sparked something much larger, and if you are really paying attention to your life, you’ll find that it’s the little changes that you do that truly make all the difference in your present circumstances and future successes.

Now I know for some people this may seem like something silly or elementary, it really isn’t as it’s so often overlooked.  It follows one of my favorite sayings, “If you want to hide something precious, hide it in plain sight where no one will look for it.”  So what little things in your life are you overlooking?  What small, insignificant change are you not making that will lead to that Earth shattering, life altering major change that you’ve been looking for?



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