New Perspective

In both of my occupations, I tend to travel fairly regularly.  Some local to the area where I live, other to different states and countries.  I recently came back from a business trip in both North & South Carolina.  During this short trip I had this week, I began to really understand more than anything else the power of habit and the importance of not only having good habits and eliminating bad habits but why it’s important to evaluate and periodically change some of your habits.  Your habits today will largely determine your future tomorrow.  So if you are not satisfied with where you are today you can most definitely look at your past and in more cases than not, you will see that your habits did not align with your goals, or that your habits have even contributed to you not having a goal in the first place.

I came back with a very new perspective and have already begun changing some habits in my family to contribute to my desired future.  That’s one thing that I really do love about travelling.  You can get a perspective on things that you can’t always get when you are at home in the midst of what you are trying to deal with.  Now that I have this new perspective, I’m taking action to make it a reality.  Did you catch that?  It’s not enough to gain a new perspective and direction to go into if you don’t commit any action towards it.

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