Your Worth, Your Definition

People do not define your worth, you do. That is a simple concept to read and comprehend but for your average person, that’s a hard truth to actually live by. So many people establish their worth on the basis of someone or something else. Some people establish their worth based on what their friends say, others based on their favorite celebrity and others still on various other forms of media (internet, magazine, newspaper, etc.). Others base their worth on what a parent, teacher, or even a child has to say but the truth of the matter is that human worth is determined by human beings and contrary to popular belief your worth is not a democratic decision for the world.

You define for yourself what your worth truly is. While that’s not a license for you to go egotistical on me it is to say that you shouldn’t let anyone to trick you into giving away your own worth. There are too many people out here killing themselves; allowing themselves to be in abusive relationships; wasting their lives and potential because of a perceived lack of worth.

So let this be a wakeup call for those who need it; Only you can truly determine what your worth is. Your worth, your definition.

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