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I decided to take this week off from work so that I can spend some time with my son before he goes back to school.  During this time thus far, I’ve been able to play with a legendary conguero; enjoy lots of time with my son as well as truly re-evaluate and understand who my unrealized dreams and passions still fit in my life.  This leads me to getting back to writing in this blog.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve consistently written in this blog, and I’ve come to realize that reason being isn’t because I didn’t have anything useful to say as much as it has been because I quite honestly lost focus on the purpose why I started to write in the first place.  The biggest reason that I lost my focus is because I allowed the things that annoyed me to have a larger place than the things that drive me.  I didn’t follow my own advice in a post I wrote last year titled Don’t Forget to Recharge  and recharge all the areas of my life that needed it but thankfully I took some time off to really look at what’s been going on in my life so that I can have some perspective and more importantly, I’m putting action to my perspective to keep things going the way they need to stay!

This time off from work thus far has given me a chance to renew myself and prospective, something I’m very grateful for and something that I realize I need to do more often.



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