It’s Time

It’s time to let go of what once was so that you can see what is.  It’s time to look at what is so that you can create what you want tomorrow to be.  It’s time to stop blaming circumstances for who and where you currently are that you don’t like and get busy taking responsibility for you and where you are to grow and be in this life as there’s a whole world out there that needs you and what you have if you aren’t too busy thinking about just you and your own stuff.  It’s time for you to stop living in your past.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, living in the past just stagnates your present and kills your future.  It’s time that you understand who you truly are and whose you truly are.

It’s time for you to realize the power and potential that’s in you to do great things with your life and the world around you.  It’s time for you to take that cultivate that power and potential so that you can be who you’re supposed to be.  It’s time for you to set aside “the sin which doth easily beset us” and set aside the dead weight (people, places, environments, habits, etc) that has been dragging you down and keeping you from being your true self.

It’s time for you to stop shedding tears of pain and start shedding tears of joy.  It’s time for you to wake up from your nightmares and start living your dreams.  It’s time! It’s time!  It’s time!

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