False Positives

It’s been a while since I’ve written here and a lot has happened so I most definitely find it fitting to come back to regular blog writing (as regular as I can be).  Be it business or personal most everyone in this world can say they’ve encountered a false positive.  So what is a false positive?  For the sake of this post we will define a false positive as:

  • a condition, promise, or circumstance that seems to be true on the outset but is really false during the application.

The thing about a false positive that is so damaging to the person that experienced (or helpful/encouraging depending on your mindset) is that a false positive cannot occur without someone setting up an expectation or promise for you that they never have any intention of living up to.  That in and of itself can be so discouraging to a person that for some it just makes them lose faith and want to quit the endeavor that this false positive was supposed to help them achieve.  For others, instances like this can become fuel for them to move forward and triumph regardless of what others have done to them.

But the funny thing that I’ve personally found with a false positive is that it is also a sort of truth serum that will show what’s in the heart of the victim as well as the person(s) behind the false positive in the first place.  The truth that it shows is what’s really in the heart of the people and what they will and will not let stop them.  So why don’t you take the time to look back at the false positives that you’ve experienced, look at the truths that they’ve taught you and then see where you really stand so that you can move forward and turn that false positive into a stepping stone into triumph.

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