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Randomly Collected Thoughts Vol. 5

As I get ready to go to sleep I find myself thinking, thinking about what used to be that is no longer as well as what could he that hasn’t been transferred from thought (the creative realm) to reality (the physical realm). I also find myself thinking about how do I better provide for my family do that they don’t have to go through what we are currently dealing with. Although tomorrow’s trip is about business, I’m hoping to get some good answers about my personal life that I can get a few situations solved.


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Reformation vs. Transformation

As I was driving back from a meeting and listening to the radio I was having a conversation on the basis of one thought, people confuse reformation for transformation and don’t realize that they are 2 separate things.  Reformation is all about bringing something back to they way it used to be and to be quite honest doing this isn’t necessarily a good thing even if what you are trying to bring it back to was something good as what was good and effective yesterday doesn’t mean that it’s going to be good and effective today or tomorrow for that matter.  Then there’s transformation.  Transformation is taking something in its current state and bringing it beyond where it currently is to something completely different than it previously was.  Just like reformation, transformation isn’t necessarily a good thing either at all times if your transformation has brought you or something into a dark place.

More often than not, reformation is useful when what you are trying to do is get yourself back to an optimal place when you have fallen from it while transformation is something that becomes a necessity when in order to go where you want to go or be who you want to be you need to be someone you’ve never been before.  When I say that, I’m not talking about pretending or trying to fit in with the Jones’ as much as I’m saying that you need to stretch and grow to a place that you’ve never been to before.

T his was an interesting conversation as it showed me that there were times in my life in which I was seeking transformation when it was reformation that I needed and vice versa; seeking reformation when I needed transformation.


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Your Natural Environment

Recently I found myself back in the college classroom not as a student but as a teacher helping out one of my former teachers in the very college that I both studied and worked at many years ago.  During this time in the classroom I found myself very comfortable and happy to be there instructing the students formally on their musical endeavors and rediscovered a lesson that time as life in general helped me forget; you excel best in your natural environment.  For sake of this conversation I’m defining natural environment as:

  • any place in which what you do comes naturally with minimal to no training required; where the work is not a burden but a joy and doesn’t feel like work; as well as someplace where you excel because of a combination of the efforts you put in and the favor that results from your presence.

For most of us, we have 1 natural environment, but others have several; it all depends on the person; even more so, it is becoming even rarer to find people that are truly living and operating in their natural environment but it is very important for you to discover and get into this place for it truly is the difference between surviving and thriving; living and existing; being a goal achiever or never reaching your goals.  Never let money be the motivation for trying to find your natural work environment; never let familiarity be the crutch that stops you from discovering your natural living environment; and never let a person stop you from finding your natural relationship environment (for if a person is trying to change all that you are in order for you to be with them, they are not the one for you!).

I’m finally getting back to that all important place, waking up and getting back to where I need to be so that I can get back to my natural environments and truly be who I’ve been created, molded, and chosen to be.

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