Relaxation Time

It is 1:19am as I write this and I met say that I’m very happy and relaxed. I just came in from playing Spades (a card game for those who don’t know) with some friends and having a rather lengthy discussion about God and the Bible. This was something that I desperately needed and didn’t even realize it. Sometimes when we get too busy we forget to relax and unwind, something we all need to do regularly.

When you don’t take this time out to do so by the time you actually realize that you need to relax you are too pent-up and busy to find the time and/or the activity that you need to get the relaxation that you need. So I guess you can say that the lesson here is (if you want to call it that) make sure that your are taking regular time (whatever that is for you) to relax and unwind so that you don’t carry any unnecessary stress or burden with you.

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