Be Still

In Psalm 46:10 you find the following words, “Be still and know that I am God.” These words are very important for us to know, read and live. Lately my life has been a living testimony more than usual with this particular verse being highlighted if you will. Sometimes we who say we believe and trust God have a hard letting this scripture become a living verse in our lives because we naturally want to be in control of as much of our world as possible but if you would take time to let this particular verse come alive in your life you might just find yourself in some very unimaginably positive positions that you never thought were possible.

What’s even more amazing about living this verse is that you may find that those that would try to come against you a your purpose may just be removed from your path making your end result a reality when it was once just a possibility. All I can tell you more about this tonight is that some amazing things are beginning if to happen for me that I never thought would while I stay still and know that He is God and I’m so happy about it.

More than anything else, the underlying lesson is sometimes you need to step back and stop trying to drive everything in your life down the road less travelled allow God to work with, on, and for you as He knows best and knows how to bring opportunities to the forefront better than anyone else.

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