Lessons Learned.

This time last week I was leaving Mysore Palace in Mysore India on my way to having lunch and was really enjoying myself but at the same time missing my family.  Today it’s 4:52am and I’m faced with new challenges both professionally and personally that didn’t exist last week, challenges that are really making me think about not only what’s most important in my life, but on what I truly need to do next for not just my family and career, but for myself.  One of the greatest things that came out of my trip to India is that I was able to gain a perspective about not just life but myself that I couldn’t gain while being at home.  The reason why is because often times when you’re in your familiar settings you may see the bigger picture of your life but you tend to neglect the smaller details that when put together make up the bigger picture.

While I was in India, I had a chance to see some of those smaller details that I had not previously seen.  It is with these details that I’m currently working with to improve not only on myself but for my family.  You see if you spend so much time looking at the bigger picture you will miss some of the smaller details that help you get to that big picture that you have in your head.  I can’t tell you enough how much I’ve truly learned about myself while in India and I’m very excited to put what I’ve learned to practical use here at home!

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