India Day 3

As I’m writing this post it is day 3 of my 7 day business trip to Bangalore, India.  I first thought about writing about every day of this trip but changed my mind as besides the fact that I’m here for business and don’t have the room to “take in all of the sights” I also wanted to take some time to really enjoy my surroundings and learn more about the people that I’m working/meeting with, that are running the hotel I’m staying in, as well as those around me.  I can tell you very candidly that I’ve been treated better here while on the street or in the hotel than I have been in some states in my own country.  I can also tell you that traffic in Bangalore is absolutely crazy yet entertaining at the same time.  While I’m here in India, I have been doing (like I do a lot when I’m visiting anywhere outside of my home or hometown) of introspective thinking as well as gaining of perspective on issues that I normally might not think about too seriously.

Sometimes it takes having to go away from all that’s familiar for you to see the little things that are not only really important in life but that also over the long haul turn into the important things that we sometimes take for granted.  One major takeaway that I can give you from this is simply that you really can learn from just about anyone, anyplace, or any situation so don’t belittle or make the mistake of buying into stereotypes of ANY race or people because you really never know what they are like until you experience them for yourself.

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