Fear is something that I believe every human being on this Earth has had experience with.  Fear causes people to react in ways that they wouldn’t normally react and do things that might not normally be in their character because people, for the most part, aren’t taught an honest way to handle their fears.  For some people they react negatively to fear and never master it.  As a result they live in fear all of their lives and never find out who they really are or what they’re really capable of.  Some of the negative reactions of fear include fear of loss causes some people to horde and be stingy; fear of failure causes some people to stop trying so that they never have to experience failure again; fear of disappointment causes some people to lie when they feel that they are going to lose favor with someone.

On the other hand some people use these very same fears in a positive light to conquer some of their issues and move forward in life.  For example: fear of loss causes some people to be honest about what they’re afraid of losing in order to get their priorities straight and truly value what’s worth valuing; fear of failure causes some people to conquer this fear by (as Henry Ford once said) increasing their failure rate so that they can achieve the success they desire; fear of disappointing people causes people to truly face their values and be honest with people for they understand that if the people in their life can’t respect their honesty then maybe these people don’t need to be in their life.

Either way you look at it, fear can be a powerful motivator or a powerful suppressant.  It all depends on the person who is confronting the fear and what their view of fear truly is.

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