Don’t Stay Discouraged

Sometimes it’s very hard to stay encouraged when things don’t seem to line up the way you think they should.  Other times it’s hard to be encouraged when it seems like people in your life are sabotaging your dreams and goals for no apparent reason.  Even still when you believe nothing is going your way and that the world is against you it’s kind of hard to not get discouraged, and while discouragement is a completely normal emotion to feel under certain circumstances, DON’T STAY DISCOURAGED!  As I always try to be transparent in these post I can tell you first hand how easy it is to get discouraged but I can also tell you that it’s just as easy to get encouraged after that.  But if you allow discouragement either intentionally be people or unintentionally by circumstances stop you from achieving your dreams and goals, then these dreams and goals never really meant anything to you in the first place.

While that may seem like a harsh statement it’s true because there should be no amount of discouragement that should keep you from continuing to strive to reach your dreams and goals.  Everyone has a different way of dealing with discouragement but one thing is constant, don’t allow discouragement to linger or else it can turn into despair and desperation, two places that you never want to be in.  So while this is a short post today, I hope that you get the message that if you get discouraged, DON’T STAY DISCOURAGED, pick yourself up and press forward.



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