Randomly Collected Thoughts Vol. 4

What you say you believe will be manifested by what you actually do so don’t say you believe [or believe in] something that you’re not willing to walk out with your actions. Some people believe that it’s their right to bind others with their words, I say that’s just pure crap and the thinking of an insecure and unhappy person that doesn’t want to see people do better than them. Children are a joy, a blessing, a miracle, hard work and the most worthwhile and greatest investment on Earth as their dividends are worth more than any stock you can find.

If you want to reach a goal you must first have a plan. Once you do then you need to actually work the plan or else it just becomes creativity in the form of words that’s wasting space and being replaced with complacency, a most deadly disease. With all the death I’ve seen lately, I’m reminded to make sure that I take good care of my health and you would be wise to do the same.

Sometimes if you are patient enough you will find that your dreams really can come true l and with that I’ll say goodnight and end this post.

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