Randomly Collected Thoughts Vol. 3

A new day can be a new beginning or an old ending depending on how you look at it and those who draw conclusions before having all the necessary facts usually have nothing more than undecipherable scribbles on their pages of nonsense. Life is for living not crying and death is for a new existence not dying however the existence you get after death depends on which Jesus you met. Was it the one with smile and embrace or the one with tears and sadness on his face?

Just because you have a job doesn’t mean it’s a career and a paycheck and income are 2 different things. I know today will bring A New Days Sunshine and tonight will remind me of A Sentimental Stroll but only Time Will Tell What Tomorrow Holds. The only thing I have left to say in this post is that self-expression can help a lost person find direction when they need it most but be careful not to boast yourself over that thin line between confidence and conceit.

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