Success Envy/Jealousy

This morning on Facebook I wrote the following:

“If you took the time and energy that you spent being jealous or envious of someone else’s success you might find that you would be living your dreams and enjoying your own success”

Why be jealous or envious of something that some one is doing when you can do it yourself?  Is it because you don’t know how to get to where you want to be?  or is it because you’re scared to try?  As much as people may try to stand in your way and be obstacles in your path to achieve your dreams and experience the kind of success that you are seeking, you truly are the only person that can deter you from getting where you want to be.  People that are envious and jealous of another’s success are usually people that won’t do what is necessary to get where they want to go.  So instead of doing more to get where they want to go they make excuses and wish that they were someone else.

That in my opinion is the first mistake, wishing that you were someone that you are not.  You should never define your personal success by the success that you perceive that others have as you don’t know if what you’re seeing from the outside in is truly what it seems to be when looking for the inside out.  I don’t believe it’s wrong to try and model yourself after someone that has achieved what you are looking for, but at some point you have to become your own person and stop trying to be a clone of someone else.  Our society tends to make those who follow what ever someone else says is good the popular ones and tends to ignore or ridicule those that are trying to make their own way and be different from the crowd.  If only people would learn that it’s your difference and individuality that we need to add to the community in order for us to all live the best lives that we can.  And if only individuals would understand that your difference/uniqueness isn’t to make you independent from the rest, nor the subject of jealousy or envy; your difference/uniqueness is so that we can all live interdependent with one another without success envy or jealousy.

So decide today what is most important in your pursuit of your dreams and success to sit in a place of jealousy and envy where you wish you could instead of actually doing or to get out there do the hard work necessary and enjoy the success that you earned via your hard work?  You decide which path you will choose.


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