I purposely decided not to post anything yesterday because I wanted to take a day to just reflect as January has been a mixed month for me for the last 8-9 years. The reason for this is that on 11-January-2003, my mom died and this changed a lot in my life. A little over two weeks after this is my birthday, so as you can imagine some birthdays really weren’t all that great for me.

But this year is different. It’s different because I’m declaring it to be different. I have goals to meet and dreams to achieve. So for me the first day of the new year has turned into a day of reflection and ordering of my mind. I’m excited to see experience what this year has to bring.

This year will bring its joys and pain, lessons and wisdom, challenges and truiumphs. It will see new people enter into my life and old people exit. It will see the death of one man and the birth of another. Know that in the beginning of this year the choices have been placed before you, life or death; blessing or cursing; health or sickness; success or failure. The choice is yours and I suggest that you choose wisely.

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