Avoiding Pointless Arguments

Sometimes when you’re in the heat of an argument with someone you lose all sense of rationale and fall into a very common trap.  That trap would be to continue to play the tit for tat response game that you may see coming from the one you are arguing with.  You know what I’m talking about.  When you are trying so hard to get the last word because the person you won’t let the person that you’re arguing with have the last say.  This is very counterproductive and it’s also very easy to fall into as more often than not, you don’t realize that you’ve even engaged in this pointless exercise until either it’s all done, a neutral 3rd party points it out to you, or you have a revelation and see it for yourself.  Even once you come to realize it, it still can be hard to break this habit during an argument as a person may feel that by doing so, their pride will be injured and they can’t have that happen.

So if this is you that I ask this question to you.  What’s more important to have the last word in order to keep your pride in tact while damaging your relationships or to be right and light (to be light in this situation is to be the illuminating voice or person of reason that would rather do what’s right regardless of what pride may dictate you should do) in a situation that never needed to escalate to where it is in the first place?  So much of our personal turmoil can be attributed with the strange need of having to be right or having the last say in an argument as in the end it really isn’t fruitful.  What, your pride may feel good for the moment but what then?

It’s not easy to be able to walk away from a pointless argument with someone who may feel like they’ve “won” because they “had the last word” but after you learn to do it, I guarantee you that you will not only feel good about it, but you will be better for it.  This is something that takes time to master and by no means will be an overnight venture but if you persist and continue, you’ll find that you will have less personal drama and be able to see the bigger picture much better because you won’t be viewing it through anger colored glasses.

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