Is Revenge Ever Good?

What are you trying to get revenge or pay someone back for?  Is it for something that they’ve actually done, you think they’ve done, or you’ve assumed they’ve done?  Seeking revenge is one of the worse things a person can do in the first place, but getting revenge for something that you can’t even verify actually happened is dumber.  Those who always need to have their revenge or the last word in an argument are those who have yet to realize that by doing so, you are the one that show’s their lack of maturity and ability to forgive and move forward.  This is something that will always keep you tied to your past while distorting your present and ultimately destroying your potential future.

People who always need to seek revenge are people who are manipulators by nature and a manipulator needs to seek revenge or have the final say because of several reasons that include:

  • They can’t stand the fact that someone they know has control of their own life in a way that they wish that they (the manipulator) could control their own life.
  • They don’t want to recognize the authority (authority meaning not someone who is controlling or trying to direct your life, but someone who has been put in your life to help you and correct you when you are wrong) of someone else in their life and choose to try to take control (not authority) over the lives of others.
  • They still haven’t resolved their childhood hurts and fears so as an injured adult they choose to lash out by trying to control everything and everyone around them.
  • It bothers a manipulator to see other people happy and living out their dreams and goals so those that they see like that that are in the sphere of influence are those that they constantly try to make miserable because they (the manipulator) themselves are miserable.


I can tell you first hand that this is not a good way to live as I’ve tried this route before and it just keeps you miserable.  People have to come to terms with the fact that no human being on this Earth is meant to be independent.  For those of you that are Christians, the basic tenets of your faith in God should tell you that, for those of you that are not but believe in science and logic, show me one life form on this planet that can live independent of anything.  We as human beings were always meant to be interdependent, which means that we need other people and the environment that we live in in order to thrive and live.  Living a life that is hell bent on revenge and having the last word is a life of solitude and loneliness because your happiness is based on the misery of others and when you spend so much time trying to make sure that other people are miserable you yourself will never be fulfilled because seeking revenge is like a narcotic drug addiction, the first high feels like the best and you keep going after the next high hoping that it will be better this time around and it never is.

Seeking revenge is never good and stop confusing revenge for justice.  Justice is different in that justice isn’t about making someone miserable in order for you to be happy.  Justice is all about having wrongs righted in the most objective way possible without your help in righting the wrong.  Revenge is an independent and selfish function that does nothing but cause misery.  Justice is interdependent and depends on the collective work of all in order for it to be fulfilled.  So once again, Revenge is Never Good, so if you are one that is seeking it, stop now before it’s too late for you.

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