The Right of Refusal

Today while I was on the phone with someone I asked them where they were at and this person refused to tell me. I wasn’t offended by this but I did say to the person in question that they could continue being secretive as much as they want as it wasn’t bothering me. In this case this person exercised their right of refusal in not telling me where they were at. But the funny thing about some people who exercise this right is that they don’t want others to do the same to them.

One must understand in this case that you can’t have it both ways and that if you choose to be secretive and refuse to give out information, don’t get mad when someone else does the same. The one area in which this does not balance out is in relationships. When you’re in a relationship with someone and you consistently choose to have secrets, you are fostering an environment of mistrust and dishonesty. Such an environment dooms a relationship before it even has a chance to start. I guess you can say the moral of this post is there’s never a problem with you refusing to do something that would violate your morals and sense of justice, but be careful of who you refuse to share information with as you may be dooming a relationship before it has the chance to start.

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