Some Poetry

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote here.  I’m getting used to being a full-time student again as well as working and my family among other things, so I thought today I would share a poem that I wrote inspired by somethings I was seeing in a student and things that I have also found in myself.  I hope you enjoy and that it speaks to you as well:

The Prison of Your Own Creation by Haneef N. Nelson

Iron bars and 6 by 8 usually mean that

you are in prison with no hope of escape.

Yet everyday that we live in breathe there are

people in prisons worse than these.  The prisons

they’re in has roots deep inside a place that

is more frightening to be locked up than any

tight place.  The first place is a land of mystery where

what you feel can seriously become real if you don’t know

how to separate fantasy from reality.  A place where

all that is said can be worse than a gunshot wound to your

head if you don’t know how to shield yourself properly.  This

place also happens to be a repository for all that emotion that

if left unchecked can make you feel as if you were drowning,

yet you never step foot in an ocean.  Have you figured it out?

Do you know this place?  I bet if you’ve been there before then

you can’t ignore that the place I speak of is none other than your heart.

But yet there is another prison that is equally as bad as this one.

A place in which the escape key is something so readily available that

many can’t find it in plain sight.  Even though we spend years trying to

acquire something that can never expire it alludes those who choose to

believe that it is something only reserved for those that deem themselves

better than the rest. This something is the one thing that can liberate us

from all prisons of any kind because this something breaks us out of the prison

of our mind.  The mind is a place where we acquire knowledge but knowledge

alone can imprison us in place worse than any phantom zone.  The key to getting

of this prison that I speak of is something that not even the truth can liberate us

from.  What you need to escape this trap is something that our ancestors have

been trying to impart to us from times way back.  That would be the gift of wisdom.

The ability to have wise dominion over all the knowledge and experience that

has brought you to where you are right now.

So learn this lesson well and learn it quick, never allow yourself to be trapped in the

only place where ignorance and experience dictate your pace.  This place is stronger than any material known to man

and can only be destroyed by the one person who put you there in the first place, you. This place is the prison of your

own creation.

© 2011

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