Contentment vs. Satisfaction

I had a discussion earlier this morning (which is had to believe since it’s 5:26am right now) in which I was asked if I’m never satisfied because in the eyes of the person I was speaking to I’m not satisfied even though I’m making some progress in areas of my life that I haven’t made it before.  And to be totally honest, I’m not satisfied, I may be content with making progress, but I’m definitely not satisfied.  I”m content with the progress being made in some of the areas of my life right now, but not satisfied, as satisfaction tends to speak to an end result while contentment tends to speak to the progress being made towards that end result.  So that begs the question, is there anything wrong with me or anyone else for that matter not being satisfied or with their current state?  I think the answer depends on the person.

If a person can never find any contentment in life then they will not find any satisfaction and in my opinion that’s a person that has something wrong with them.  Are you trying to tell me that you can’t find any contentment and satisfaction in anything?  If that’s the case, then you seem to be the kind of person that chooses to be miserable and never happy and that’s sad.  So let’s get something straight here; if you have a plan that you are executing to achieve your dreams and goals and are finding contentment in the process but not satisfaction because you haven’t reached your end results, that’s (in my opinion) perfectly okay.  It’s when you are never content or never satisfied with anything that you have a problem that should cause you to do some serious soul searching.


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