Good Nutrition

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not a gym rat nor do I have the physique of a body builder, but there is one thing I’ve learned and learned really well, good nutrition is key in you being able to succeed in anything.  Now anyone that’s ever read this blog should know that there’s always more than meets the eye with many of the titles to my posts, and this one is no different.  Good nutrition allows your body to have lasting energy to function throughout the day, enabling you to be the best you can possibly be.  But just like your body isn’t the only thing that needs good nutrition, your mind does as well.  What are you feeding your mind?  If all you’re feeding your mind is Television and Video Games, then it’s no wonder why you aren’t able to optimize your full potential.  If all you are feeding your mind are books and learning related items, you’ll find yourself even more stagnated than the person who only consumes Video Games and Television.

I bet that won’t make a lot of sense to some of you, but it’s true.  Let’s take a look at physical nutrition for a moment.  If all you ever ate was meat all day, every day, then your body would be missing essential nutrients that it needs to rebuild, repair, and create new cells; combat disease; and regulate the energy that you need in order to function let alone be successful.  On the other hand, if all you do is eat vegetables all day (and I know that there will be some Vegans and Vegetarians that will disagree but I’m not coming after your lifestyle, I’m just stating a fact of science) and nothing else, you will still be missing essential nutrients that your body needs to function.  Your physical diet needs balance to function optimally and so does your brain.

If all your mind consumes is pleasure then you will never know how to solve problems and be serious when the time is needed and if your mind only consumes books and intellectual puzzles so that everything is always serious, then you’ll never know how to relax and be social when the time comes.  It all boils down to 1 thing; good nutrition; be it physical or mental is all about achieving that correct balance for your body and mind.  When you do that you’ll find that things will be a lot easier for you.

Many of us have heard the saying that you are what you eat, but I beg to differ.  You are what you choose to consume, and retain as your body will always expel what you eat, your mind will always retain what you consume.

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