When I was an Undergraduate at the University of Hartford the last place I wanted to find myself was in the library as I was a performance major who just wanted to play all of the time.  Now that I’m in a different place I decided to visit the libraries at the University of Hartford today and said to myself, wow, I was such an idiot!  I say that because as an adult who loves learning and is always trying to consume relevant knowledge to me I realize what a wealth of information that these libraries are, not just the University libraries, but the Public Library in my town.  Part of this equation is that sometimes when you’re in the middle of something, you don’t appreciate it as much as once you’re done with it, and no longer need it.  I can tell you now, for the phase in life that I’m in, as long as I live where I live, I will take full advantage of the University and Public Libraries.

Yesterday I wrote about a post titled When Support Doesn’t Exist that spoke about the reality that most people face which is that you won’t always have someone there to support and encourage you when you need it.  Well in light of that post and what I’ve written in the paragraph above, when you find that you don’t have the support that you need, you should take a serious look at the resources around you that you might have taken for granted at some point in time as these resources could be very useful to you; especially during a time of low to no support.  For me, I’ve discovered a whole new world in the Libraries that are around me, a world that is going to support me through my current adventure and help me get to where I want and need to be.

So take a look around.  I bet there are some resources out there that you’ve previously ignored that are just waiting for you to pay attention to them.

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