I’m a Christian, and as such I have a belief system that some, including myself at one point in time, have criticized as being a license for others to take advantage of you, but if you truly look at it, that’s not the case.  Your beliefs are what will govern your conduct as well as teach you how you need to handle various situations that will arise in your life.  The thing about beliefs however is that if they aren’t reinforced on a daily basis, they can erode and cause a duality of beliefs if you will in a person.  I’ve seen this, and sadly am still seeing it, heck, that has been me as well and I’m not afraid to admit it.  In fact, I don’t think you can find 1 person on this earth who has never been in this position at some point or another.  While for some it’s a matter of thoughts needing to be reigned under control for others it’s thoughts, actions, attitudes, and whole ways of life that need to be re-established.

The erosion of beliefs is something you can see quite often if you are paying attention.  People will “bend” their beliefs to try and fit in with the “popular” people.  People will “bend” their beliefs to try and get the guy or girl that they want and the most common that I know of is people bending their beliefs in the pursuit of instant monetary riches.  The problem with bending your beliefs just one time is that once you do it, you become very tempted to do it again and again and again, and pretty soon you find that you stopped bending your beliefs and have completely broken them to the point that they become unrecognizable.  That’s when you tend to get in real trouble because once you have broken your beliefs you are now in a state of spiraling downward and can go to 1 of 3 very bad extremes:

  • You begin looking for anyone or anything to believe in and never find what you are looking for because you forget that what you are really looking for is what you left behind in the first place.
  • You begin to become so selfish that you forget about what it means to have a belief system to begin with.
  • You spend so much time trying in “penance mode” that you forget what it means to live your original beliefs because you believe that the only way you can make up for straying away in the first place is by doing a bunch of works to satisfy something that works can’t satisfy.

Now there are those out there whose belief system is completely jacked up and need a complete overhaul because of how bad it is, but that’s not everybody and from my experience people that fit into this category are usually people who never had a firm belief system instilled in them to begin with.

I’m thankful that I’ve realized this for myself and come to the conclusions that I’ve come to.  Bottom line for me is that I’m going to continue to give positive reinforcement to my beliefs so that I can truly live a life that’s worth living and that’s free of any guilt or contributory drama as possible.

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