Release and Surrender

I was having a conversation with my brother Emmett Goods yesterday and he said something that has had me thinking since then, ” Releasing and Surrendering aren’t the same thing.”  In light of the conversation I began to think about what it means to release and surrender.  To give a little background about the conversation, my brother and I were talking about God and relationships.  Sometimes you have to release (to relinquish or give up) to God people and relationships that have become toxic in your life.  There are also times in which you have to surrender (to give oneself up to some influence or course) what it is you want or think is right to God even when all looks dire and like it will never work.  I guess the problem for most of us is knowing when it’s to to release (people, places and things out of your life and into God’s hands) and when it’s time to surrender (the negative situations caused by people, places, and things without giving them up) to God and stand firm in your course of action.

Releasing and Surrendering are something that we all need to be able to do, and all need to know when to do it.  Let’s just pray that we gain the wisdom to know when it’s time to release and when it’s time to surrender.



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