A Little Annoyed

I’m a little annoyed as I’m one of the hundreds of thousands of people without power in Connecticut right now.  I’m fortunate that I have a friend that is allowing my family and I to stay with him until we get power back.  I’m annoyed because not only is there not an estimate for when power will be restored back to my town, but I’m annoyed that the power company is placing a high priority on restoring power to a big businesses in a neighboring town and not restoring power to any of the residents, gas stations, or supermarkets of this town nor the neighboring towns of this business.  I’m also annoyed that my town, with one of the largest populations in Connecticut, which also has several nursing homes and retirement communities isn’t even on the list of estimates for the power company, but yet the wealthy town next door which is also not on the list is getting regular updates on the news and every other form of communication that their town is getting power restored to them by tomorrow.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the governor’s mansion being in that town.

When will people stop being so greedy and selfish and look at the welfare of everyone one overall instead of catering to those with deeper pockets first!!!!

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