Drive Slow

Last week I was running low on gas and a few days shy of payday and had to do whatever I could to conserve gas.  In the case of last week the main thing that I did was stop driving like I’m in NASCAR and started to drive slower around town.  While I was driving slow I really began to pay attention to the details around me and it really made me think about how much we miss in life when we have sights set on something and we go after it at mach speeds.  While there’s nothing wrong with having laser focus, sometimes we can miss out on a lot of wonderful things around us because we’re not “driving” slow enough to appreciate the beauty, and uniqueness of our surroundings and the people that we wouldn’t normally pay attention to.

So instead of always “living life in the fast lane”, sometimes we should just drive slow and appreciate the journey.  Isn’t it funny how something so simple as driving slow can teach you so much more about life!

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