Checking In

For all of my regular readers, I apologize for not writing sooner  but I needed to take a break from writing blog posts last week.  The break was needed in part because I’ve been writing a lot of music in the past few weeks (at least a lot for me), 6 new pieces of music in the past 3 weeks and counting.  While I love writing these posts, in a sense I had to refresh my creativity for writing these posts and writing music has been that refresh activity that I needed.  If you remember I said in the post Remember What Helps You that we need to remember the people and things that help us along the way, and for me music is one of those things.  But now lets get down to business.

We are already at just about the end of September and the year is coming to a close faster than I would have imagined, so how close are you to fulfilling your goals for this year?  Are there any goals that you had at the beginning of this year that you know at this time will not be filled?   Have you already fulfilled all of your goals?  I can tell you that there are a few of my goals that I have already fulfilled, a few that I’m close to reaching, and a few that seem like they may not happen before this year is out, but the bottom line for me is that I’ve been pursuing them.  There are a lot of “schools of thought” when it comes to realizing your dreams and goals.

I can tell you that from my personal standpoint, if you don’t reach all of your dreams and goals this year, don’t get sad or angry about it.  Instead, evaluate why you didn’t meet these goals, see if the goals are still valid for you, and pursue them until you have accomplished them.  Also realize that some dreams and goals take years to achieve so don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve them all this year, just stay focused and steadfast in your pursuit of them, make any necessary course corrections that you may need and keep going, don’t stop until you achieve your dreams and goals!!!!!

I’ll check in with all of you about this topic again at the end of this year and the beginning of next year.  I’ll even post my 2011 goals letting you know which ones I achieved, which ones I didn’t and my evaluation as to why I didn’t (if I didn’t) and my next steps for these goals.  And for 2012 I will be posting my dreams and goals for all of you to see and progress with me.  I encourage you to do the same as the chief reason why most people don’t achieve their dreams and goals is because they don’t have anyone to hold them accountable.

So here’s to achieving all that you can for the rest of 2011 and keeping the momentum going into the new year!!!!!

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