“Pay no attention to what the critics say; no statue has ever been erected to a critic.” -Jean Sibelius

I started to get a little annoyed this morning as I was reading a few articles on Yahoo Sports this morning.  I was getting annoyed at reading what some of these “sports writers” as well as some of the people who were leaving comments had to say in their criticisms of 3 particular athletes; Tito Ortiz (MMA), Antonio Rogerio Nogueria (MMA), and Serena Williams (Tennis).  I was getting annoyed because I can pretty much guarantee that neither Chris Chase, the author of the of the article bashing Serena Williams as well as the 2 unnamed commentators that were talking trash about Ortiz and Lil Nog have ever played Tennis or MMA on a professional level if any level at all yet they felt free to talk as much trash as they felt was necessary about 3 athletes whom they will never compare to, but isn’t that like the critics in your life as well?

I mean they will talk all the trash about you they want but will never try to “walk in your shoes” and see where you are coming from.  In researching some of the “professional” critics I have found that some of them are people that weren’t successful in the same endeavor that they are now getting paid to criticize.  When it comes right down to it, you shouldn’t pay any attention to your critics nor should you validate them because in the end, what they say doesn’t really matter. For some this will be an easy lesson to learn while for others it may not be as easy.  The only thing I have left to say about this is specifically addressed to all those out there that would be critics; if you want to criticize others in what they do without trying to walk a mile in their shoes, then you should be very comfortable with other people doing the same to you and not complain when it happens (as so many of you currently do).


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