I purposely took a few days away from writing on my blog so that I can continue to enjoy this natural high of musical creativity.  The past few days have seen me writing music, making headway on bettering myself on my trumpet as well as being a better musician overall and the thing that really triggered all of this for me was just one simple decision.  This decision was that I decided that I was once again going to the control of my life back from the people, places, and tings that I had not even realized that I resigned control over to.  How does one resign control of their life?  Well there are many ways, some of which include:

  • worrying about the things that you can’t control and allowing the worry to govern your life
  • allowing other people and institutions to make decisions for/about your life for you without your input
  • trying to be someone that you are not instead of being either happy to be who you are or working on those things about you that don’t make you happy with who you are.
As a result of this one decision that I made, I have felt and actually experienced real freedom again, the kind of freedom that allows you to see the best in people instead of always seeing the worst; the kind of freedom that says that it’s okay for you to be a priority in your life (this doesn’t mean that you become selfish, self-centered, or anything else like that); the kind of freedom that says that you CAN and WILL cutoff or cut out unproductive people in your life that are more concerned with keeping you trapped in the prison of their opinions and expectations because they don’t want to see you grow and achieve.  This has been a very good week for me and I hope that you will make the decision to take control over your life if you have resigned it over to other people, places, and things.
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