Be Happy

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”  This is a quote from a colleague of mine named Paulinea Knight.  It’s very simplistic and straight to the point with its meaning and is the subject of this post, being happy.  On of my son’s favorite cartoons to watch these days is a show called Wow Wow Wubzzy.  At the end of every episode there’s a song that’s being sung that always gets my son up to dance and sing.  One of those songs is titled Be Happy.  More often than not if my son thinks that either my wife or myself is sad he’ll come over to us and start singing this song to try and cheer us up.  But the one thing that comes to my mind when I think about this is what does it mean to be happy?  The answer, well, it’s subjective and different for every person.

What makes me happy may or may not make you happy.  Even still it would be a worthwhile endeavor for you to find out what truly makes you happy.  One thing that I have learned about being happy is that it’s not a lifestyle, but a state of mind.  There is a big difference.  Because it’s a state of mind there is always a possibility that a person can try and pursue being happy so much that it becomes dangerous for them and for people around them.  Case in point is a drug addict, the first few highs may make you feel good but once you become dependent on these highs, they stop making you happy and instead make you miserable.   I’m a big advocate for being happy and living a fulfilling life, but I’m also a big advocate for balance.

So discover what it means for you to be happy and keep balance in mind during your pursuits of happiness so that you don’t get yourself in a position where you’ll do anything to maintain that happy high.

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