Your Progress is Hidden In Plain Sight.

Ever feel lost?  Ever feel like the very thing(s) that you want and have been seeking for so long are always out of reach?  Ever wish that everything would just magically work out the way you want them to?  If so, then you are not alone.  So now the question is are you going to continue to feel lost and have everything continue to feel out of reach to you?  I was taught a proverb a long time ago that I constantly refer to and it says, “If you want to hide something precious hide it in plain sight where no one will look for it.”  The more and more that I live and grow in this journey we call life, the more and more that I see that most of the things that we say we are striving for, trying to figure out, or looking to achieve that seem to be hidden from us are truly hidden in plain sight.  I wrote a post back in March called Habit: The Obvious Secret for Change, your habits are one of the things that are in plain sight that will be able to keep you from feeling like everything is so far from you that you’ll never achieve anything.

Another thing is the people that you choose to invest in/allow to invest in you.  If you have people that are going no where and doing nothing as your support then it is very probable that this “support system” won’t be happy to see you doing the very things that they “wish” that they could do because they don’t realize that they can do it themselves. But the thing that I find most unique that’s hidden in plain sight is your investment in yourself.  If you are not investing in your own self-improvement how can you help others be the best that they can be as well as becoming that which you want to be yourself?  In the process of investing in your own self-improvement don’t get so carried away with it that you become self-centered and egotistical about it.

Bottom line, if you want to improve your life, career, or general outlook more often than not the way to do so isn’t as complicated as it may seem, just take a look at what’s right in plain sight.

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