There is a quote in the movie Under Siege 2 that truly captures the subject of this post, “Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.” One of my pet peeves if you will are people that assume they know everything about me and are always wrong in what “they know” I’m thinking. I had this experience last night where someone had an attitude with me because of what they “knew” I was thinking that they were wrong about. Even when they were told that they were wrong, this person continued to believe they were right about me.

These are the people that I tend to avoid or cut off from my life because these are the people from my experience that tend to be the most selfish, arrogant and unwilling to fave the truth about themselves. And because of that they believe they are always right about everyone else even when they are proven wrong. But what happens when a person like this is someone close to you? Someone like your parents, siblings, uncle, aunt, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or even your spouse? What do you do then?

I could give you a cliche for an answer but I won’t because the reality of this is that this is a hard question to answer and the answer will vary depending on the person looking for the answer. I can tell you that for me, I would have to evaluate how much the relationship in question means to me, ask very direct questions so that I can make a decision based on facts and not be a hypocrite who made a decision on assumptions.

For most people there’s a great divide between assumption and fact. But there are a few people who are so deceived and so selfish that the line between assumption and reality is so thin that is often blurred to the point that there is no distinction. Make sure you’re not one of those persons.

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