Who Are You Today/Identity Crisis

The more that I go out in public be it to perform or socialize the more that I’m convinced that most people don’t know who try really are andare content to pick up the mask of the day rather than unmasking and showing their true selves. I guess this comes down to some people willing to do anything to get noticed or accepted; others because they are too drunk and filled with liquid courage to be themselves; and others still because they just want to feel like they belong. Whatever the reason is, it’s causing a serious identity crisis that us causing us to lose new ideas, creative works, inventions, etc because these things are tied to who a person really is, not who they feel they have to be in order to fit in.

I wrote I. A previous post that people need to learn to be themselves. I said that because some people are too busy trying to be someone else, I should know as I used to be one of those people.

It’s not enough to know who you are today, you have to know who you are always so that you don’t get lost amongst the masses of people trapped in an identity crisis.

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