Please Learn to Be Yourself!!!

This post is all about one thing.  Please learn to be yourself.  The curious and detailed individual might look at the previous sentence and ask the question, “Learn to be yourself?”  If you are that person (or if you’re not), you did read it right, I did say learn to be yourself, because too many people don’t know what it is to be themselves.  Too many people right now are more concerned with trying to be someone else rather than discovering what it means to be themselves.  To discover who you are takes a lot of hard work but it’s no different than a baby learning how to talk.  You will emulate what you hear/see until you get to a place where you can now expand your vocabulary on your own.

Well for some people they don’t want to discover who they really are because that would mean that they might find that who they are is not compatible with who they want to be as well as who they want to be around, but the fact still remains that if you really want to have long term happiness and you really want to leave a lasting impact in this world, then y0u must be yourself.  You don’t need to be a clone of anyone.  Learning to be yourself requires you to take a real introspective look at who you are and what you have done as well as to get some feedback from people who will tell you the truth.

Bottom line is be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

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