Entitlement Mentality

There are a few things in this world that I really don’t like.  One of them is the inspiration for this post today and that would be the entitlement mentality.  There is nothing wrong with knowing what is yours and what you are entitled to by virtue of your family, financial standing, occupation, etc., but the entitlement mentality is something different altogether.  This mentality says that no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how unfair it is to you, I can say, do, have, anything I want and there’s nothing that you should be allowed to say or do about it.  The entitlement mentality is usually made up of 3 separate characteristics:

  1. Conceit
  2. Arrogance
  3. Selfishness
All of these characteristics by themselves are bad, but together, they produce a person that is so hard to deal with that you may just want to avoid them altogether, curse them out, or even punch them very hard depending on your temperament.  I deal with a person like this on a regular basis at work, and at first glance I would probably not want to deal with her, but the more that I deal with her the more that I’m beginning to benefit from it.  I’m benefiting from it because the things that rub me the wrong way the most with her entitlement mentality seem to be areas that I either need to develop more patience in or they are areas in me that are being exposed as things that need to be carefully examined to make sure that I don’t have the same mentality anywhere in my life.  Most people with this mentality are (like with a lot of negative traits) acting out an old wound or trying to establish an area of control in their life because they perceive (or in reality it is the case) that they don’t have any control anywhere else in their life.
Any time you encounter someone with an Entitlement Mentality, you have to deal with the root of the issue in order to help them, and if I was a gambling man, I’d guarantee you that with 99% of the people you encounter, the root of the issue has to do with some kind of past hurt or lack of control of their life in another area.  But be warned, if you do so choose to try to help someone with this mentality, make sure that you are very strong and can handle what will come in dealing with this.
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