A Truth Serum Called Selfishness

Yesterday I wrote the following status on Facebook, “Selfishness is funny in that it can truly reveal what’s in the heart of those who you think you already know.”  I wrote it as a reaction to something that was happening at the time that was truly selfish on the part of someone I know, but at the same time, the more I thought of it, the more I began to examine the truth behind these words.  I learned last night that someone that says they really care about me is truly more selfish and self-centered than I thought. While the natural reaction for some would be to criticize this person and talk trash about them, I began to really feel sorry for them and at the very moment while I’m typing this decided to pray for them.  There are many “truth serums” out there that will show you what’s inside a persons heart.  Some of them are obvious like alcohol; anger; illegal drugs and Sodium Pentothal to name a few, but selfishness isn’t as obvious because let’s face it, when you know or feel that someone is being selfish towards you (or anyone else for that matter) it can, more often than not, become a turnoff.

But the thing is, most people that are prone to selfishness are simply hurting people trying to either protect something that they don’t want to lose; get attention that they’ve never received, hide the jealousy they have towards what you are accomplishing, or shield themselves from hurt they think they are going to received from those that they truly hold in high regard (although you would never know that’s how they feel about you).  If you are listening, selfishness will not only show you the truth as to how someone is truly feeling about their own self; it will also, in some cases, show you how they perceive their relationship with you.  So you it would be advisable for you to be careful how you handle the selfishness in your midst.

Is this an endorsement of selfish people, no it’s not!  Regardless of the why, selfishness is not a behavior or habit that is okay, but it is a caution to pay close attention when you see selfishness because it may be the only way you’re going to find out the truth about someone close to you sometimes.

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