Be Productive!

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with no clouds in the sky and lots of sunshine and I spent most of it working.  Now on an ordinary basis, I’d be very mad at the fact that I spent 8-9 hours of my Saturday working during such beautiful weather, but yesterday was different.  The difference was that I was productive in everything that mattered yesterday.  The power of being productive at what matters is that not only do you get what you need done and see tangible results, the power is that the more you do it, the more you build a habit to not only be a productive person, but to truly identify what is important in your life that needs immediate attention (i.e. family, dreams and goals, work, etc.) you also begin to see where some time has been wasted on things that you may have once felt were important but really are not (i.e. TV, Internet, Video Games, etc.).

Get your first things done first, and you will find yourself in an increasingly better place to not only relax, but enjoy what it is you are setting out to do.  I can’t tell you enough how happy I was yesterday, and still am today that 100% of my day was productive yesterday.  This is a habit worth keeping!

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