Being Grateful

When you are in the middle of turbulent times it becomes very easy to not only forget about all of the good that is in your life, it also becomes easy to take it for granted; and that is a dangerous situation . It becomes dangerous because once you start taking one thing or person for granted, you open the door to do the same with everything and everyone else in your life in the good times as well as the bad and the most dangerous part is that more often than not, you aren’t even aware that you are doing this.

This taking things for granted quickly can turn into a sour attitude which can grow into a root of bitterness which then turns into an outlook of pessimism. If you’ve ever been around a pessimistic person you quickly learn that you really don’t want to be around this type of person. If you don’t want to be this way then the easiest (and sometimes the hardest) thing to do is to be grateful for the good that you do have no matter what is going on I’m your life.

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