What’s in your Inbox?

This morning I was checking my personal email account and deleting the hundreds of messages (and I mean that literally) that I didn’t want or need in my inbox.  While I was doing this, I was also reading through a few devotionals/subscriptions that I have and I began to see a bigger metaphor as to what I was doing.  When I started to go through my email this morning, I had over 2900 items in my inbox!  Yes, a lot of it was spam, but as I was deleting items out of my inbox, something else was happening.   I started to really take an introspective look at what was in my “inbox” in my head and realized that like my personal email, it had become flooded with a lot of junk that just needed to be deleted. How often we go through the issues of our everyday life not paying attention to the amount of junk that is accumulating within our minds and hearts that we have yet to deal with.

We all need to take a regular inventory as to the thoughts and feelings that dwell in our minds and hearts because if nothing but negative and pessimism is there, you will continue to have a negative outlook and self-talk about yourself, your life, and the people as well as the world around you.  So do yourself a favor and check your intellectual “inbox” (your mind/thought-life) as well as your emotional “inbox” (your heart) and permanently delete those things that have been cluttering your life for way too long.

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